Access Services

Booking tickets

Please contact BASS on 131 246 and make the operator aware of your access requirements. You will be asked to give the operator information to provide you with best possible seats available.

Special booking requirements
You can fax or write in your booking request to BASS, GPO Box 1269, Adelaide 5001 or fax 8231 0550. If faxing, need first and surname, address contact e-mail, credit card details with performance request and seating etc) or finally (you can write your request there also).

Disability seating

Festival Theatre
Stalls Row W has removable seats to accommodate patrons who wish to remain seated in their wheelchair or to allow ease of access to transfer to a theatre seat.

Dunstan Playhouse Theatre
Boxes 1 and 4 plus selected seats in Stalls, row L have removable seats to accommodate patrons who wish to remain seated in their wheelchair or to allow ease of access to transfer to a theatre seat.Space Theatre: Patrons with a wheelchair and those unable to manage stairs can be seated on balcony or floor level dependant on venue configuration.

Her Majesty's Theatre
Patrons who wish to remain in their wheelchair or transfer to a theatre seat will be positioned in the Stalls.  Access to the auditorium is via Stage Door off Pitt Street.

Please contact BASS on 131 246 to request access seating and inform the operator of your requirements. Please note that when booking Access seating at a BASS Outlet you will need to book during BASS business hours between Monday-Saturday 9.00 am until 6.00pm. Online Access bookings are not currently available.

Disability toilets
Are available in the foyers of the Festival Theatre and the Drama Centre

Her Majesty's Theatre disability toilet access is via Stage Door off Pitt St.

Access ramps and lifts

Car park
A lift is available with access to both levels.

Festival Theatre 
A lift is located either side of the Festival Theatre auditorium with access to all levels.

Dunstan Playhouse
Yes, in main foyer.

A lift is available with access to both levels.

The Bistro 
Lift access is available via the Playhouse Foyer. Please request access at the Drama Centre Information Desk.

No lift access. Ramp and bridge access is available.

Wheelchair loan

Please contact Stage Door on 8216 8724 if you need to borrow a wheelchair 'free of charge' when you attend your performance.

Vision Impaired Performances - State Theatre Company

Vision Impaired Performances are an integral part of State Theatre Company of SA's Access Program. They provide an opportunity for State Theatre Company to reach groups traditionally isolated from live theatre.

Vision Impaired Performances are special nights at the theatre designed to enhance the experience for visually impaired patrons, featuring an artistic briefing prior to the performances and an opportunity for vision impaired patrons to become familiar with the voices of individual actors and, on occasions, go onto the stage and feel various props and other elements of the sets.

A special Vision Impaired Performance is held for each production in our annual subscription season. Patrons meet in the Dunstan Playhouse foyer at 5.30pm for the pre-show briefing and the performance commences at the normal Sunset time of 6.30pm. This service is provided in conjunction with the Royal Society for the Blind and tickets can be booked on (08) 8400 2220.

Guide dog friendly

Every theatre and event/function area of the Adelaide Festival Centre is guide dog friendly

Hearing Assistance

Audience members who require hearing assistance are now able to enjoy the show with everyone else via the Beyerdynamic Hearing System. In the Festival Theatre, Dunstan Playhouse and Space Theatre patrons are able to borrow a small transmitter pack with the choice of either an inductive neck loop (for use with a hearing aid with a t-setting) or a set of headphones (for patrons without a hearing aid or a hearing aid without a T-Setting) to amplify the performance. (Patrons can also bring their own headphones if they desire.)

Transmitter packs are available on a first served basis. Patrons should arrive at least half an hour before the performance to collect their pack from the Information Desk in the Drama Centre or Concierge Desk in the Festival Theatre Foyer. Patrons will be required to leave a driver's licence or some form of photo ID as deposit until the pack is returned. 

This technology upgrade was made possible due to generous donations by individuals and organisations to the Adelaide Festival Centre Foundation.

Hearing Loop

The Festival Theatre and Dunstan Playhouse have a hearing loop facility, this is limited to particular seats in the venues.
Please speak to a BASS operator when booking to ensure you select seats in the hearing loop allocated area.

Audio Description

The Audio Description Service provides valuable access to, and enjoyment of live theatre for those patrons who are blind or vision impaired.

This free service provides patrons with a 'description' of the action which is occurring on the stage, as it occurs.  This is a live "audio description" to compliment the actors and the whole theatre production and experience.  Patrons book a small receiver and earpiece to use during the performance.  At appropriate gaps in the dialogue, trained Audio Describers discreetly provide a few key words to describe what is taking place on the stage, including scene changes.

Currently two sessions of each of the State Theatre Company of SA's performances held within the Adelaide Festival Centre offer Audio Description.  The Audio Describers are trained and experienced Royal Society for the Blind Volunteers.

Being a joint initiative of the Royal Society for the Blind, the Adelaide Festival Centre Trust, and the State Theatre Company of SA, this valuable service has opened up the world of live theatre for many theatre patrons who would otherwise miss out, and would not attend the theatre with family and friends.

Patrons can book through BASS by requesting an "Audio Description Headset".