Access Services

How to Book?

Phone: Please contact BASS on 131 246 and make the BASS operator aware of your access requirements so that we can provide you with the appropriate advice and the best possible seating available. 

Writing: You can also fax or write in your booking request to BASS, GPO Box 1269, Adelaide 5001 or fax 8231 0550. For bookings in writing, we require the first and surname, address, contact e-mail, credit card details along with performance and access seating requests etc.

Email: You can also email your booking request to 


Accessible Seating

Festival Theatre
In the Stalls, Row W has removable seats to accommodate patrons who wish to remain seated in their wheelchair or to allow ease of access to transfer to a theatre seat. 

Dunstan Playhouse
Boxes 1 and 4 plus selected seats in Stalls, Row L have removable seats to accommodate patrons who wish to remain seated in their wheelchair or to allow ease of access to transfer to a theatre seat.

Space Theatre:
Patrons using a wheelchair and those unable to manage stairs can be seated in the Balcony or on the floor level depending on the venue configuration.

Her Majesty's Theatre:
Patrons who wish to remain in their wheelchair or transfer to a theatre seat are seated in the Stalls. Access to the auditorium is via Stage Door from Pitt Street. 

Please contact BASS on 131 246 to request access seating and inform the operator of your requirements. Please note: When booking Access seating at a BASS Outlet you will need to book during BASS business hours between Monday-Saturday 9.00 am until 6.00pm.

Online Access bookings are not currently available.


Audio Assistance

Hearing Loop
The Festival Theatre and Dunstan Playhouse have a hearing loop facility, limited to particular seats in the venues. If this is required, please mention it to the BASS operator at the time of booking.


Hearing Assistance Packs
Audience members who require hearing assistance are now able to enjoy the show via the Beyerdynamic Hearing System. In the Festival Theatre, Her Majesty’s Theatre, Dunstan Playhouse and Space Theatre, patrons may borrow a small transmitter pack with the choice of either an inductive neck loop (for use with a hearing aid with a t-setting) or a set of headphones (for patrons without a hearing aid or a hearing aid without a T-Setting) to amplify the performance. Patrons may also bring their own headphones if they desire.

Transmitter packs are available on a first come first served basis. Patrons should arrive at least half an hour before the performance to collect their pack from the Cloakroom in the Festival Theatre Foyer. Patrons will be required to leave a driver's licence or some form of photo ID as a deposit until the pack is returned.   

This is made possible due to generous donations given to the Adelaide Festival Centre Foundation.


Accessing the Venue

Access ramps and bridges provide accessible, stair free access to all of our venues

Festival Theatre: 
A lift is located either side of the Festival Theatre auditorium with access to all levels. 

Dunstan Playhouse: 
Boxes are accessible from foyer level with no stairs. Lifts are available with access to Row L, Seats 8–11 and 32–35. 

Her Majesty’s Theatre: 
Access is via Stage Door on Pitt St.

Space Theatre: 
A lift is available with access to both levels. 

Malt Shovel Taphouse
Lift access is available via the Playhouse Foyer (please request access at the Dunstan Playhouse Information Desk) and outside via the plaza.

Artspace Gallery: 
No lift access available. Ramp and bridge access is available.


Accessible Toilets

Accessible toilets are available in the foyers of the Festival Theatre and Dunstan Playhouse. Her Majesty's Theatre's accessible toilet access is via Stage Door from Pitt St.


Wheelchair Loan – Festival Theatre 

Please contact Festival Theatre Stage Door on 08 8216 8724 if you need to borrow a wheelchair free of charge when you attend your performance. 


Assistance Animal Friendly

Every theatre and event/function area of Adelaide Festival Centre is assistance animal friendly. 


Audio Description Service and Touch Tours

The Audio Description Service provides valuable access to, and enjoyment of live theatre for those patrons who are blind or vision impaired.

Designed to enhance the experience of blind and vision impaired patrons, the Audio Description Service provided by Access2Arts includes pre-show audio introductory notes, a touch tour prior to each Audio Described performance and cast and creative credits available in Braille and Large Print. 

Preshow audio introductory notes are available prior to the date of the performance on the presenting company’s website or by requesting an audio CD. Patrons will explore the space and may handle selected props, costumes and furniture during a guided or tactile Touch Tour prior to the live performance. 

Headsets can be collected in the venue foyer before the performance with an audio introduction normally starting 15 minutes before the start of the performance. 

State Theatre Company of South Australia offers two audio described performances during each season and the annual Adelaide Festival offers audio description of selected performances. A number of other presenters offer audio description at venues within Adelaide Festival Centre. Please check with the BASS operator if the performance is audio described.

Originally a joint initiative of the Royal Society for the Blind, the Adelaide Festival Centre Trust, and the State Theatre Company of South Australia, the Audio Description Service is now delivered by Access2Arts. This valuable, free service has opened up the world of live theatre for many patrons who would otherwise miss out

Patrons can book through BASS by requesting an "Audio Description Headset". Tickets can be booked on (08) 8205 2220. 

For more information on audio description and to request pre-show audio on CD, please contact Access2Arts by email or telephone 0498 707 563 (Voice/text).


Overture Program

Adelaide Festival Centre’s Overture Program commenced in August 1989 as an audience development initiative. The program promotes access to those members of the community who, for social and economic reasons, are otherwise unable or unwilling to attend. To qualify for the program, participants must be members of a registered not-for-profit organisations with an objective for the achievement of social justice for a disadvantaged group within society.

Download Overture Program application


Discounts and Concessions: Companion Card

Many presenters at Adelaide Festival Centre are Companion Card Affiliates. Please check with the BASS operator when making your booking.


Further Information

Further information about Access facilities and to book Access services, please email or write in your booking request to BASS, GPO Box 1269, Adelaide 5001 or