Terms and Conditions of Sale

BASS abides by the Live Performance Australia Ticketing code of Practice. A copy of the code is available at liveperformance.com.au

All tickets sold by BASS South Australia, including those purchased via BASS Online, are sold subject to the following Conditions of Sale:

  1. BASS cannot exchange or refund a ticket following purchase unless instructed to do so by the organisation responsible for the event (the Promoter) or if the event is cancelled, rescheduled or moved to a significantly different Venue and you do not wish to attend.

  2. This ticket is sold on behalf of the Promoter responsible for providing the service or event. The Promoter is responsible for the content of all promotional materials related to the event.

  3. The right is reserved to add, withdraw or substitute artists and/or vary advertised programs, ticket prices, seating arrangements and audience capacity.

  4. Late arrivals may result in non-admittance until a suitable break in the performance. The venue management reserves the right of admission.

  5. The Promoter reserves the right to broadcast or telecast any event.

  6. If a performance or event is cancelled for any cause reasonably beyond the control of the Promoter, no obligation is assured by BASS for arranging of a substitute service, event or performance.

  7. Tickets may not be resold or offered for resale at a premium or be used for advertising, promotions or other commercial purposes (including trade promotions or competitions) without the prior consent of the Promoter. Any breach of these conditions will void the ticket.

  8. Refunds for tickets purchased by credit card will be automatically refunded to that credit card. Tickets purchased by cash, EFTPOS, gift voucher or cheque will be refunded by cheque.

  9. Beware of forged or fraudulently acquired tickets. Buy tickets only at an accredited BASS Agency. Tickets acquired by other means may not be accepted and may be cancelled without notice. If you buy a counterfeit or forged ticket you may be liable to prosecution.

  10. Use of recording devices (including mobile phones ) may be banned in some Venues. Check conditions of entry at the venue as a breach may lead to confiscation of equipment and recording medium for the duration of the performance and/or removal of patron from the venue.

  11. BASS reserve the right to charge a fee for re-issued tickets.

  12. Where concessions are applicable, suitable and valid identification must be provided for collection of tickets and for admission to the venue.

  13. If you require someone else to collect your tickets on your behalf, they must be provided with the booking confirmation to present when collecting them.

  14. Where a child is attending an event at an Adelaide Festival Centre venue using a ticket purchased from BASS, the child must be accompanied by an adult who also holds a ticket purchased from BASS for an adjoining seat to the child.

  15. Where you are purchasing a season subscription via BASS, and are providing the contact information of additional subscribers, you warrant that you have the necessary permission to provide this information to BASS.

COVID-19 Special Terms and Conditions of Sale

The Adelaide Festival Centre Trust (“Trust”) has adopted some special Terms and Conditions in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. These special terms are set out below and operate to supplement the BASS Terms and Conditions of Sale.  If there is any inconsistency between these Special Terms and the other Terms and Conditions, these Special Terms apply to the extent of the inconsistency.  All other Terms and Conditions continue in full force and effect.

  1. The Trust supports the Federal Government’s recommendation regarding the use of the COVIDSafe App by all patrons.  We encourage all patrons to download and use the App when attending our venues.

  2. You should not attend the Venue or the event if you are required to be in isolation as a result of COVID-19 diagnosis or pending test result OR you have been directed to be in quarantine because of close contact with a person with COVID-19 OR if you are experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19.  You must communicate these requirements to member of your booking party which apply to them as well.

  3. You and each member of your booking party must comply with any COVID-19 safety protocols or requirements notified to you by the Trust (including by way of signage at the Venue or by way of line markings on the floor).  This includes complying with:
    1. Hand hygiene requirements;
    2. Physical distancing requirements (including physical spacing requirements while queuing);
    3. Patron limits for particular spaces and areas; or
    4. Patron density requirements.

You acknowledge that patrons not adhering to these requirements may be in breach of directions issued by the State Coordinator for which penalties may apply.

  1. You acknowledge that the Trust may be required to collect contact tracing information from you and each member of your booking party when you and they attend the Venue.  This includes the first name and phone number of each person who attends the Venue including children and babies.  You must communicate this requirement to each member of your booking party before they attend the Venue. 

  2. You agree to provide us with any information we are required to collect for contract tracing purposes.  The purpose of collecting this information is to assist any contact tracing in the event of an outbreak or potential exposure to someone with COVID-19 at the Venue.  You acknowledge that we may disclose contact tracing information to health authorities or as otherwise required or authorised by law.  You acknowledge that we may retain the information for 28 days (or such longer period as required by law), after which time it will be deleted or destroyed.  While we hold the information, we will take all reasonable steps to keep your contact tracing information secure and free from unauthorised access or use.

  3. You and your booking party may be refused entry or required to leave the Venue or event if you or they:
    1. refuse to comply with any COVID-19 safety protocols or requirements notified to you by the Trust.
    2. refuse to comply with any reasonable health and safety directions given by Venue staff.
    3. refuse to provide contract tracing information to the Trust on request.
    4. are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, as notified to or as assessed by Venue staff. These include: fever, chills or sweats, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose or loss of sense of smell.
    5. are required to be in isolation as a result of COVID-19 diagnosis/pending test result or have been directed to be in quarantine because of close contact with a person with COVID-19.

In these circumstances, Tickets will not be exchanged or refunded unless required by law (including the Australian Consumer Law). 

  1. We are offering all patrons additional flexibility through our refund policy at this time, having regard to the uncertainties posed by COVID-19 and to encourage you and the members of your booking party to stay at home if you or they are unwell.  You will be entitled to a refund if you, a member of your booking party, or someone whom you or they have been in contact with, exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 after you make your booking and prior to the event.  The symptoms of COVID-19 include: fever, chills or sweats, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose or loss of sense of smell.  You must contact us as soon as possible after displaying symptoms, or coming into contact with anyone displaying symptoms. 

  2. We ask that you and each member of your booking party to make a reasonable assessment of your health status before attending our Venue or the event.  To avoid doubt, you will not be entitled to a refund if you or a member of your booking party attends our Venue or event despite you exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms and if you or they are then refused entry or asked to leave the Venue or event.

  3. You must notify the Trust immediately if you or any member of your booking party develops any symptoms of COVID-19 within 14 days of attending a Venue.